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March 10, 2021:

Dear Socialites around the world,

We are happy to invite you to our next networking event online via Zoom video conference on March 10 at 18:00 Zurich, Switzerland (CET) time.

Theme: Blockchain Voting: Re-Creating Trust
Guest speaker: Vicken Bayramian, Blockchain entrepreneur & field lawyer

Vicken is a blockchain entrepreneur and field lawyer with over 20 years of experience in commodities trading law, ADR and trade-finance. Having co-founded Cryptolex, he manages it today as CEO, advising on cryptocurrency & blockchain from a technical & legal perspective.

The entry fee for this virtual event is 10 Swiss francs. The link for the event tickets will be communicated upon each registration request via our website – TICKETS.

When you register, in the “Comment” field please include your full and real name, surname, email address, and one short sentence stating why you might be interesting to the general audience of intellectuals to meet and get to know. Our ambassadors will utilize this information to facilitate networking introductions during the video call. Without sharing this information, your networking experience will be suboptimal.

On a technical note, we strongly recommend that you download Zoom (www.zoom.us) to your desktop/laptop computer and connect a few minutes earlier to minimize any technical issues, and please keep your video on at all times – you’re networking, not just listening in!

Your Ambassadors team,
“The Social” in Zurich

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