Networking Evening in Zug


Date & time Nov 13 '17, 19:00
Pier 41
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Networking Evening in ZugDear Swiss Socialites!

We are continuing our series of networking events in Switzerland and the next one will take place in Zug. You are all invited to join us for our second networking event at 19:00 at the Pier 41 restaurant at Baarerstrasse 41, 6300 Zug.

Swiss Social is a high-quality networking community for professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo of the social environment in Switzerland. Our network is for expats, professionals or students, we welcome everyone who is willing to create meaningful social bonds. More about Swiss Social:

With the proper registration the entrance fee is 20 CHF per person and includes 1 free welcome drink from our venue. Members or new participants who have not registered earlier than 24 hours before the event, if the space would allow, will be granted entrance for 30 CHF in cash at the door.

The registration will be considered valid only if you register on the website, click "I'm attending" on the relevant event page, and upload a one sentence bio about yourself on your profile page.

Swiss Social is the first network in the world that sets its goal to devirtualize online social network down to real face-to-face gathering where designated Ambassadors moderate the introductions among the members with the same interests. We create an unprecedented social comfort that allows the presence of high-quality people who would never come to speed-dating or a "networking" event openly searching for a job or a romantic date. Swiss Social is a non-profit, therefore your contributions for entrance help us shape our marketing budget accordingly.

See you all there,
Your Swiss Social Team

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